May Alvarez

Obituary of May Alvarez

May Yen Alvarez was born on June 10, 1947 in Harlem, New York. She lived in New York her entire life and passed away in Manhattan on April 15, 2020 at 72 years old. She attended The High School of Art and Design- and went on to earn an associates degree at The Fashion Institute of Technology. She worked most of her career at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and was well-known for kindness and iconic big headphones. She loved to dance and would take every opportunity to do so while listening to Latin music. She had a passion for photography, sewing and fashion design. Her black leather jacket and purple lipstick were staples, during any outing- and no one rocked it better than her. She had a knack for storytelling and had the sweetest laugh, that just brought warmth to your heart. May took great pleasure in reciting KJV Bible Verses to her family and in her more mobile days, was partial to spending the day in the kitchen, whipping up the best family meals. If you asked her what her favorite things in life were, she would immediately respond with "Jesus and my family." May was the daughter of Shew Ling and Jin Foo Yong, deceased, and is survived by her sister Mimi Parente and brother Kenneth Yong. May is also survived by her husband, Peter Alvarez, and six children: Janet (Humberto) Perez, Peter Alvarez, Cynthia (George) Grekov, Angela Alvarez, Leon Alvarez, and Bernadette (Joey) Ingalv. She was blessed with 5 grandchildren. We will be hosting a virtual viewing of the funeral home and grave-side goodbye on Tuesday May 12th at 9:00am and 10:00am, respectively. 9:00am EST Zoom Link: Password: Maygoo 10:00am EST Zoom Link: Password: Maygoo
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