Death of a Child

The death of a child can be particularly traumatic for anyone involved; things seem out of order when a child dies, and you are often left wondering why?  These articles help you examine the grief you are feeling, and how you can cope with the overwhelming emotions associated with losing a child.

When Your Child Has Died

Losing a child is every parent’s worst nightmare.  This could be the most difficult and painful time of your life.  This article helps you understand what is happening to you, and gives you ways to help cope with your grief.

When Your Grandchild Has Died

Grandchildren are a special gift; they are children of your heart.  When you grandchild has died you are confronted with the loss of your heart and at the same time forced to watch the pain of your son or daughter as they grieve.  This outlines the pain of grief you are feeling, and what you can do to help your own son or daughter cope with this loss.

When Your Infant Has Died

The death of your infant has shattered your hopes and dreams for the future.  We live in a world based on order, logic and reason and infants are not “supposed to die.”  This article helps parents who have lost an infant understand the feelings of grief they are experiencing, and what they can do to help themselves grieve.

How to Help Children Cope With Death

Talking to you child about death is perhaps one of the most difficult things you will have to do as a parent.  This will give you tips on how you can help your child of any age deal with their grief surrounding a death of a loved one.

Kids Helping Kids

Written by a 10 year old to honor the life of his father, this helps kids understand what will happen during the funeral process from their perspective, and how they can honor the life of their loved one.