Gary Woods

Obituary of Gary Woods

WOODS, Gary Scott – Beloved husband, father, son, brother and good friend, suddenly passed away on May 1 in Flushing, Queens.

Gary is survived by his beautiful wife Mary and their son James Michael, his parents George and Maureen, brothers Georgie and Danny and his wife Deanna, his sister Lauren and her husband Tom, and his mother-in-law Patricia Dee, uncles, aunts, cousins and countless friends.

Gary was born a fighting preemie on Sept. 12, 1978 to George and Maureen in Manhasset and grew up his whole life in Flushing.

As a child, Gary was always very spunky, energetic, talkative, and loveable full of personality and promise. He was never a saint and always a little devilish rip since a toddler, full of playful mischief and always entertaining his large family and many friends. Everyone couldn't help but love Gary. Gary was a natural athlete and excelled in every sport from baseball, hockey to soccer. He was always the most popular kid no matter where he went. Everyone knew Gary and those who didn't wanted to be friends with Gary. His siblings admired him and his many talents greatly and wanted to be more like him.

He was a Catholic school boy having attended St. Kevin's Elementary School and then St. Mary's, McClancy and Holy Cross High Schools. He graduated from Cardoza High School and attended Queensboro College and the State University of New York at Albany.

As a teenager and adult, Gary was always the life of the party, a fun-loving person with a big heart who loved his friends, a good laugh and a story. His personality was larger than life and so was his smile.

But no matter what happened, Gary truly loved his family and friends -- and they loved him.

Gary was always full of life and this is the way he will be remembered. He is forever young and the handsome, loving, talented boy with beautiful twinkling green eyes who could have been anyone and accomplished anything in his life.

May he rest in peace, free of this Earth's worries and may Gary always feel loved and at home.

God bless Gary and his son James.

To make a donation to James Woods' College Fund please visit: and use code: 26V-G7K